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Moved and waiting for the stork

Movers and Pregnant Chinese Women
(Last Updated On: March 15, 2019)

Inane Ramblings has been woefully neglected as of late. That’s what happens when you’re a jet-setting photo guy with a pregnant wife, a new house, and far too much RL stuff to do.

Mrs. Stevo is quite round and moving at a snails pace. The doctor said the baby is ready to arrive although the due date is June 11. If the doctor was using the lunar calendar (which I still don’t comprehend) Mrs. Stevo could be overdue. I’ve learned not to ask too many questions about Chinese culture.

We have finally moved into Chateau Stevo, freshly remodeled.  I say we meaning myself and my mother-in-law. Mrs. Stevo is still staying with friends and will move in when her maternity leave starts this Friday. I look around the place with awe I we paid for all this, or will have in 23.5 years.

Most of the rooms  are lovely. My “study” is not. Boxes of books, photography gear and assorted crap are stacked helter skelter. I may have time to organize it all, when the baby starts kindergarten.

Pictured above are the movers I have gotten to be quite good friends with. Last Sunday they brought the final load to Chateau Stevo – our large wedding photos and a television. They didn’t even charge us (because they over-charged a naive generous Stevo last time). The television no longer works we learned after trying to hook it up. I have no idea what mother-in-law is doing with her time.

And special thanks to Jessie at Wandering Educators for the lovely baby blanket she sent. Either by luck or fate – It’s Mrs. Stevo’s favorite color.


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