Happy Father’s Day – A Tale of Three

Father's Day - Me and my Dad
(Last Updated On: June 11, 2019)

It’s that time of year: father’s day . Time to say thank you to our fathers or enjoy the day if we are fathers. I am not a father. Yet. (Please don’t email me if I am). As I am now.

I’ve been fortunate in having three fathers. My first father, who had the joys and hardships of seeing me to my teenage years. He did instill morals and a work ethic that has persisted to this day (as well a sharing a prodigious ability to curse). Unfortunate for many, he passed away when I was a late teen. In that wake, two other men that took up those difficult reigns.

My stepfather (what an ugly term – but a great film starring Terry O’Quinn ) Scott is a wonderful man. He is thousands of miles away, and I haven’t seen him since I started my Chinese adventure in 2005. To you, Scotty, Happy Father’s Day. Thanks for everything. Your support over the years means more than you know.

Update: Scott passed away unexpectedly in 2016, a great blow to his family and legion of friends. The world is a darker place without him and his upbeat outlook.

So again I say Scotty, Happy Father’s Day, wherever you may be.

My Father-in-law, my Baba (below, left), is a generous-to-the-point-of-foolishness kind of man. He had never seen a real-life foreigner (or had anyone in the village)  except on TV before meeting me. The man has made the vast cultural differences not so vast. He welcomed me into his family and treats me as one of his own.

So, the three of you: I’m not with you today, on this plane or any other, but I wish you a cold beer and a sunny afternoon.

To all the fathers, be they with us or not: A Happy Father’s Day wish to all


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