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Giving birth in China: It’s all over but the crying

A pregnant Mrs. Stevo two days before giving birth.
(Last Updated On: April 20, 2019)

Mrs. Stevo and I will go to the hospital this morning – the goal being giving birth in China. My lovely wife is not due until June 11 but during a recent hospital visit the doctor suggested Mrs. Stevo induce labour.

Hopefully, this will go quickly and end in a natural birth. Many women in China opt for a c-section to reduce the pain factor. Mrs. Stevo is determined to have the baby naturally – but Mrs. Stevo is a small woman. We will have to play it by ear. No one said giving birth in China is easy.

It’s isn’t the norm for husbands in China to be in the delivery room with their wives. I asked Mrs. Stevo if she wanted me present to offer support, etc – but she has barred me from accompanying her. In her own words, she will be like a “crazy woman” and doesn’t want me to witness related crazy woman behavior. Given the drama that Mrs. Stevo displays from a stubbed toe, it is probably for the best that I wait outside.

While we are hoping this is quick I am going prepared. My iPod is loaded with films, including the classic 1981 Clash of the Titans and something called Mega Piranha.  The netbook and GPRS-equipped phone will be standing ready – as will a Canon DSLR to catch some images of Baby Stevo.


  1. You are wise to be prepared for a wait. When my daughter was induced (3 months ago), it took two full days before the baby was born. They almost did a C-section but didn’t have to. I hope it all goes as it should and that Mrs. Stevo, Baby Stevo, and you are all together and happy soon!

    Can’t wait to hear and see pictures!

  2. Yeah once the baby is actually here get prepared for the crying it wont stop…at least it wont seems like it stopped. Its only seems to happen when you really need it quiet like when you sleep! Best wishes and congrats.

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