China Language Reflections

104 weeks later

(Last Updated On: October 7, 2008)

chinese wedding photos

Today in history: On July 31, 2006 a slightly bitter expat English teacher married a gentle Chinese lass. In the registry office he couldn’t read the form or make the appropriate pledge. The frustrated official eventually gave up and allowed him to sign his name, skipping the pledge.

The newlyweds ate dinner at KFC and spent their wedding night in an unlicensed hotel.

Things improved.

Wo ai ni, Mrs. Stevo.

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  1. I was going to say the same thing as Wanda– seems like the 2st anniversary just happened!

    Lovely pic. Nice deviation from the traditional bride and groom shot…

  2. Robin: Thanks.

    Wanda: That happens when you have two anniversaries. The civil ceremony was in July, the reception in October. Mrs. Stevo has two birthdays. Damn Chinese calendar. Grumble, grumble, grumble.

    Jackie: See above.

    Shawn and Kathleen: Yes, I am wearing tennis shoes. Sigh, someone spotted me. The photographer told me to wear black shoes, but I couldn’t come to grips with black shoes and a white suit. Hence the tennis shoes. Shawn, you have good eyes.

  3. I’ve been lax in responding. School is out and I’m chillin’.

    M727: Merci. My Cockney’s not that good.

    Lina: Lucky for her, not for me. Twice as much to remember.

    yb: Roman or romantic, I’m happy to be either.

    Jennifer: Many thanks.

    Shawn: I think so too. In the reception photos I’m wearing black shoes and look like an idiot.

    LFC: He did look a little feline.

  4. What a sweet post and the photo is awesome!

    (My son wore black on black canvas Converse high tops to his prom. Chances are he’ll wear similar for his wedding.)

    Corinas last blog post..Beneath

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